My life partner

FBDC49123B9B5B66CE3DF16E56060939what an adorable dog! I always think that dogs are our human’s best friends. Every time i feel lonely, my dog stays with me and makes me feel safe and comfortable. If I am sad or angry, he always runs round me and tries to please me. I like taking photo for him. He seems to know that and alwasys make a different face. His grimace is always funny and everytime I can’t help laughing when seeing his grimace. Sometimes, dogs are like our children. They are candid, childish and adorable. And sometimes, they are like our old friends. They can feel what we are thinking in mind and can help us in many aspects. Love dogs, love friends!



This is a photo of my friend and I going to the shooting range last semester. For men, guns can be deeply attracted. Guns are banned in our country, only soldiers and police can hold guns, and ordinary people can’t use guns. In the United States, I can practice shooting skills at any time in the range. I especially like this AR-15.


Cars fascinated me a lot. Fortunately, my roommate likes it too. It was almost 1 year ago. We decided to ride the go-kart. We got so much fun when we were chasing on the track. The coach stopped us several times because we  stayed too close. I really enjoyed the time that we spent together. Now he graduated from university and backed to China. I miss the old time when I stay at home. I hope in the future we can see each other on the track again.

Shuai Yao

First in the Family


I did it. I graduated from high school on time. I’m proud of myself, and so happy to receive my diploma with high honors. As a first generation student I am proud. I am proud to be first generation in the family.

Skyposts in San Francisco


skypost 2

skypost 3

        I like to take pictures of the sky in San Francisco.  After I come to San Francisco, I discover that the sky changes its color every day, and the clouds change their shape every day.  A blue sky with different shapes of clouds become a natural beauty.  A blue sky with clouds make the city look more beautiful and wonderful, and they make people feel happier on their reality.  When I look at the blue sky, it always makes me feel happy, and it can make me think clearly.  A blue sky always makes me have hope in my mind.  Therefore, I am looking forward to taking more and more beautiful pictures of the sky in San Francisco.

— Xiaojun Lin (Linda), China

A Beautiful Ferris Wheel in Bangkok

       ferris wheel

       I like to take different Ferris Wheels, and one of my dreams is to travel to a country that has a beautiful Ferris Wheel.  Finally, my dream comes true.  Last summer, when I traveled to Thailand, I took a Ferris Wheel in Bangkok.  The Ferris Wheel was decorated by white and blue lights, so it looked very bright and beautiful.  When the Ferris Wheel stopped at the top, I could see the most beautiful view of the entire city.  At that moment, I was very happy and excited, and I was very proud of myself.  I suddenly realized that if I did not take the Ferris Wheel, I would not discover such beautiful view in my life.  Ferris Wheel makes me fall in love with travelling, and taking a Ferris Wheel can let me see a different world that I have never seen before.  I will keep travelling to different cities and finding more beautiful Ferris Wheels from different cities in the future.

— Xiaojun Lin (Linda)

Night Scene



I like the night scene because it is another kind of beauty in a place.  The night scene of a place is like a lovely baby is in a sweet dream.  Without the busy work or noise, I see a quiet beauty from the night scene.  For example, the parks and forests become mysterious without crowd.  At night, I could see a scene which is quite different from the scene of the day.  I could see the firework at night which I could not see at day.  As the saying “look at the world in different way, you may find different beauty”, I look for another beauty of a place by watching the night scene.-Jessica Huang


Not afraid to start wrong


When I was in high school, I went to the School Of The Art in San Francisco. I learn to love drawing. Drawing anything is fine, I just enjoy doing it. I was not a great drawer at the beginning, but I draw to become a better drawer. I used to be afraid of starting a drawing because I was scared that I would make a horrible drawing. Drawing taught me not to be afraid to start making a mistake because nothing starts perfectly from the being. It’s okay to start with a wrong drawing and take your time to make it into a great drawing.  —- Jingting Yang, Guangdong, China


Napa valley is a magical place. Castello di Amorosa is my favorite chateau. The ancient castle is surrounded by vineyards, stream and pine trees. The Cellar is the most magical place in Castello di Amorosa. Light yellow light, original bouquet, wet bricks are telling the stories of the castle and giving the magic power to every visitor.

Pastry Chef

WeChat Image_20170607225641My dream is to become a pastry chef because I love eating sweet things like candy and cookies, but this is the just one of the reasons that I want to be a pastry chef. The most important reason that I want to be a pastry chef is I love the smiles when people are eating the pastries that I make. Those smiles is the energy to push me work harder, and every times when I saw the smiles for their face, I find the meaning of living in this world and my happiness. Now I am still on the road to become the best pastry chef in the world and bring happiness to everyone.

-Cherie Zhou, San Francisco, CA